Solid education. Great job. Breaking racial barriers.

That’s you.

Wondering why no one ever bothered to explain health insurance and how to find a doctor who actually listens?

(not just throws pills at you)

Also you.

Being an adult is slightly overrated. No one tells you that you will need to find a doctor you like, that is in-network and understand ALL of their instructions.

Premium: $694 a month. Deductible: $8,600. Knowing exactly how much I owe when I roll up to a doctor appointment: PRICELESS and you’ve tried…

Calling your insurance provider while at the doctor’s office WITH your kids to find out your co-pay.Googling the terms: Copay
Begging your doc’s office for a different medication after you left the pharmacy without the one that somehow costs a months’ worth of groceries.Even going without medical services *gulp* you needed because you already owed the provider money.

And – let’s be real – what you want to know is I can help you do it better this time (and other FAQs)

+Have you experienced less than exceptional healthcare?

From the one time a neurosurgeon told me he liked my underwear (awkward) to the primary care doctor that prescribed a NEW medication every 4 weeks for almost a year.

Both left me feeling more like a number than a person…and little results.

+Why are you so passionate about helping the digital generation uncover the right health insurance?

After 19 years working in public health, I realized all of the information you can find on the internet is often *gulp* false. (Like that time you searched itchy skin and somewhere on google told you that you had scabies.) 

Watching people end up in collections because they didn’t realize their hospital was in-network but the provider taking care of them was out-of-network (and cost them thousands!) or the bill that put them in significant credit card debt…

I want you to be informed about your healthcare (not raid the coffee can for quarters to get gas because you were bullied into paying for expensive medical care.)

+How do you help me do this? 

As a licensed health insurance broker in multiple states, I continue my education in health insurance best practices to help you with answers.

Because you deserve better healthcare, start here:

Ask for what you want. 

Time for new insurance but don’t understand the jargon? I’ll simplify your options and use plain language. 

Need a doctor to stop throwing pills at you? Let’s uncover how to find a better doctor. 
(I even have a simple document that guides you through the exact questions to ask!)

Have insurance but don’t truly understand your benefits?
As a health insurance broker, I guide and explain it to you in a way that makes sense. 

Don’t know where to find care if you’re uninsured? Let me plug you into the network devoted to the uninsured. 

Sounds like what you need?

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