Navigating the American Healthcare System 

Can Be Simple

…once I help you uncover 

the perfect insurance and doctors for you

“I was feeling lost trying to google how to make the most of my healthcare.”

“Getting assistance made me feel empowered and confident because now I know what options I have.”

-Nancy J.

Right now you feel like you could pay a health insurance premium or buy a car but not both. You’re sacrificing a nicer apartment for your health but still blowing your food budget when you have to visit a provider. It even feels like you’re always on the phone trying to straighten things out when you’re charged too much.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could make an appointment  knowing exactly what it will cost and rest easy when the bill comes in? 

I can help you make it happen.

We’re a stethoscope to a heartbeat because…

You’re ready to go out on your own and need health insurance.

You’ve held back from being a full time entrepreneur because the cost of insurance on your own is scaring you. Together, we’ll find the best option and make sure you’re prepared for your next big step.

You’re done sifting through options and confusing lingo.

I explain your options in plain language. We don’t move from a concept or question until you feel confident with your options.

You’re ready to go after the healthcare you deserve.

I’m not everyone’s cup of coffee. I’m very direct and I appreciate that in other people. If you’re ready to ask for what you want from me, your doctor, your insurance, etc., we will make a dynamic team.

What it looks like to work with me:

Finding and learning about your health insurance plan can be as easy as thinking back on partnerships.

It looks like this…

Step 1: We connect on a call and talk likes and dislikes.  What has worked and what hasn’t. You may have a list of “must haves” and “I never want to see agains.”

Step 2:  Dream out loud. Be clear about what you want and I will look for it and narrow your options to a max of 3 at a time.

Step 3: The best part of every health insurance plan is using it but you won’t do that if you don’t understand how it works. We will get CLEAR on how YOUR plan works.


Adults should be able to understand health insurance. Why can’t I? The healthcare system in the U.S. is complicated and all of the pieces work together. Once you learn how the SYSTEM works, the pieces (insurance, doctor appointments, medication refills) start to make sense. If no one ever taught you how to find and understand health insurance you are not alone. Most of us are left feeling like we can’t adult when faced with choosing an insurance provider.

I have a post graduate degree and I still don’t understand. How are you different? I have spent YEARS as a patient trying to decipher bills and find great care for myself. I am a licensed health insurance broker ( in 9 states: CA, GA, SC, FL, Iowa, MI, OH, VA, TX) and certified Marketplace representative. I have uncovered a way to meet you where you are in your current level of comfort and education with health care. We work together to increase your comfort and skills to reach your desired level.

How much do you charge?
My services are no charge to you. I receive compensation from insurance carriers.

I have a full time job and two kids. Will I have to give up my entire lunch break to have a conversation? We can start with a short 15-minute call. After that, a follow up plan can be determined.

Can’t I just google it? Absolutely you can. And if you’re lucky  you will land on a reputable source that gives you the CORRECT answer to your question. You might even find a forum that provides suggestions you can use. This method will have you looking for answers every time a question comes up.