7 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Answer Before Purchasing Health Insurance

(AKA does it really have to be this expensive?)

Looking to go back into the workforce, even if part-time, for cheaper health insurance?

Afraid to leave your 9-to-5 and go all-in on your business because you don’t think you can afford health insurance…think again.

Know it’s time for new insurance but don’t understand the jargon?

Let me simplify your options and use plain language

Have insurance but don’t truly understand your benefits?

As a health insurance broker, I guide and explain it to you in a way that makes sense.

Using the same questions I ask clients, discover:

* What you can afford (hint: it’s not the same as what you want to pay).

* Where you are willing to compromise.

* Health plan benefits you may not be using.

As a licensed health insurance Broker in multiple states, it is my goal to help you find an insurance plan that meets your needs, aligns with current doctors, and fully understand how it works.